Whitetail Breeding

Producing big, mature trophy whitetail deer is our passion, so we went out and bought the best genetics we could find. Our breeding program utilizes single sires with 200″+ genetics matched with 200″+ does.

Each year Cove Creek Lodge offers for sale doe fawns from 200″+ genetics. Occasionally, bred does are also available. Pedigrees, DNA and pictures of both sides available.

If you are an experienced deer farmer or just getting started we welcome a visit to our state-of-the-art facility. We will be glad to share our experiences and knowledge as others shared with us.

View our 2004 Doe / Buck fawn price list

Throphy Whitetail
Doe / Buck Fawns

Our breeding program is focused on producing large, early developing mostly typical racks. We utilize a modern handling facility and 9 – 3/4 acre pens double fenced – triple fenced from wild deer. Our breeding pens have been closed to new animals since October 2001 and we are CWD monitored. New genetics are being introduced thru artificial insemination.

Because we limit our nine pens to a maximum of seven deer, each year we need to sell doe fawns and open or bred does. Buck fawns are for sale based on availability and your willingness to pay the price.

Artificial Insemination Program
2004 Price List

Doe and buck fawns will be available from our 2003 Artificial Insemination Program. The artificial insemination was administered by the much respected Canadian veterinarian Dr. Briggans. We backed up the AI group with Abbott (175@3-5×6+6) five days after the artificial insemination. DNA testing will be used in determining the sire. If Abbott is determined the sire the price will be $400.00 per doe fawn and $4000.00 per buck fawn.

If after viewing our herd’s pedigree, you would like to discuss the availability of our doe fawns, buck fawns or mature doe contact us.

* fawns of bred doe bought from Gsell in ’01
** doe bought from Gsell in ’01
*** bottle fed doe bought from Gsell in ’01


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